What is your idea of a sustainable cosmetic?

For us it is more than an idea, it is a reality. It starts small, nothing is unattainable or out of reach. To be sustainable it must be feasible.

Raw Material

Our starting point is fresh, locally sourced and organic (or naturally farmed*) ingredients. We try to source these ingredients from farms that have a strong social and environmental outlook.

Purchasing our medicinal herbs from social farms that strive to protect the land and also have a strong ethic of work inclusion is what makes the base for our products so wonderful and sustainable.

Paying a fair price for high quality products means guaranteeing good working conditions for those who commit themselves to make this model a reality.

Being present to protect and safeguard the land means taking an active part in the development of the “Pino Mugo” project, which selects areas of the park to harvest wood. This helps to maintain a balance between the plant species in the Dolomites, in a historical phase where we see the effects of the abandonment of the pastures and more generally of the mountain. It was primarily an act of love for our land, for landscapes that we feel are our own.

Not Just Work

Being able to join the professional and work life with the personal and family one is too often considered a luxury. For us, however, we want it to be our modus operandi. Welfare and progress, to be sustainable, must also identify with man’s ways and times. We feel particularly passionate about showing that being a parent and working is not only a right but also a possibility that we have cemented in our company.

Techniques and Processes

In the beginning we established our work style: a curiosity for research without preconceptions, a craftsmanship as our value and form of art. Freshness and quality guaranteed by the production of small batches of each product.

The absence of automated production and of machinery, that replaces the need for people, allows for a deep knowledge of the entire production cycle and of the individual transformation phases.

This knowledge is the treasure of our company’s savoir-faire. We have designed and built equipment (even these have been entirely handmade) to have virtually zero environmental impact. An example is the “simple” preparation of the soaps: from organic entirely cold pressed vegetable oils we obtain, after slow maturation in the air, products of the highest quality, which last longer and are very delicate on the skin. Why find shortcuts if all this works so wonderfully? Of course, you have to indulge in the luxury of waiting for a maturation that goes from 4 to 12 weeks, but do you want to see the difference compared to an industrially prepared soap starting from shavings, to which fragrances and chelate are added, pressed, cut and packaged?

This is why we treasure quality, effectiveness, ethics and environment in our products. Our team is passionate about a sustainable world and try to make it a reality every day.

* Some smaller organisations may not be able to certify that their crops are organic, even if in fact, they are.

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