Velvety Shea Butter Face Cream


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This velvety Shea butter face cream is characterised by a very light texture that is quickly absorbed by the skin and the careful selection of oils and vegetable butters work perfectly on the delicate skin of the face.

Shea butter helps to maintain skin elasticity, helping form collagen and boost elastin in the skin.

At the same time, this cream has been found to be very fresh and easily absorbed by the skin bringing immediate brightness to the face.

It is the perfect cream for those who love products that allow their skin to breath, it gives a fresh and clean feeling that is long lasting and it works particularly well for:

·      Skin impurities

·      all skins that finds it difficult to absorb a richer cream. It can be used along with anti-aging serums.

This face cream is non-greasy, it gives a light feeling and is perfect for those who love a natural feel everyday.

Care and attention has gone into selecting the ingredients found in this product to ensure that they are all natural and homemade.

The perfume is free from synthetic allergens.

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Airless da 50mL


Burro di karitè, Olio di sei di Giralsole spremuto a freddo*, Caprylic Capryc Trigliceride, Glicerina Vegetale, Alcol Cetearilico, Insaponificabili dell’olio di oliva, Stearina Vegetale, Vitamina E Acetato, Gomma Xantana, Etilesilglicerina, Fenossietanolo, Acido Deidroacetico, Sodio Fitato, Profumo.

* da agricoltura biologica


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