Protecting Shea Butter Lip Balm


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Be able to confront life with a smile and enjoy the sun and the wind again, with this nourishing natural lip balm.

This 100% natural lip balm protects lips with the use of Shea butter and organic cacao butter satisfying your desire to protect and soften your lips.

Easy to take with you wherever you go, this lip balm also contains sweet almond oil and organic bees wax offering the perfect protection for your lips wherever life takes you.

The addition of vitamin E provides antioxidants and offers protection against the elements.

Did you know, you can also use this on your knuckles and small cuts to protect them from scratches and bumps?

It is also available in various flavours including pomegranate, Sicilian red mandarin, marigold, tea tree and propolis.

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6mL stick


Shea Butter, organic cocoa butter, organic bee wax, sweet almond oil, E vitamin.


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