Organic Pomegranate liquid hand and body soap



This plant-based organic liquid hand and body soap is made from pomegranate flowers and is delicate to your skin as well as kind on the environment. It is easy to use on a daily basis leaving the skin infused with sweet and fruity scents of pomegranate flowers.

In a handy recycled plastic dispenser it dispenses small amounts in order to keep the product fresh and longer lasting. It is a transparent gel that does not produce a lot of bubbles making it easy to lather and use on children.

It leaves the skin wonderfully cleansed and smelling fresh without irritating it or leaving it dry, this is thanks to the presence of glycerine in this plant-based formula.

You can keep it near the sink in the kitchen or bathroom, but also in your gym bag or take it to the beach thanks to the handy and secure dispenser.

This circular design is eco-friendly making it an easy choice for our 100% plant-based soap:

• 0% synthetic surfactant
• All plant-based or biological material
• 100% biodegradable
• Perfume without synthetic allergens and ICEA certified
• Manufactured in small batches in order to guarantee freshness of the product
• A dispenser made from recycled plastic

Providing not only exceptional care for your skin but also being good for the environment.

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Dispenser in plastica riciclata da 200mL


Acqua, Sucrose Polystearate (emulsionante derivato dallo zucchero e dall’olio di cocco), Burro di karitè, Olio di sei di Giralsole spremuto a freddo*, Caprylic Capryc Trigliceride, Glicerina Vegetale, Alcol Cetearilico, Insaponificabili dell’olio di oliva, Stearina Vegetale, Vitamina E Acetato, Gomma Xantana, Etilesilglicerina, Fenossietanolo, Acido Deidroacetico, Sodio Fitato, Profumo.

*da agricoltura biologica


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