Organic Marigold Face Cream for the First Signs of Aging



This organic marigold skin cream is perfect for the first signs of aging as it is light and fresh and rich in butters and natural oils helping to soothe the skin.

This cream allows the skin to breath and is beneficial in a variety of ways:

·      Shea butter helps maintain the skin’s elasticity, promoting the formation of collagen and elastin

·      Cocoa butter helps soothe, nourish and protect

·      Resveratrol’s antioxidant powers help prevent stress which is one of the main causes of aging

·      Marigold helps soothe red skin and protects skin as it becomes more delicate and demanding.

The perfume is free from synthetic allergens.

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Airless da 50mL


Acqua, Sucrose Polystearate (emulsionante derivato dallo zucchero e dall’olio di cocco), Burro di karitè, Olio di sei di Giralsole spremuto a freddo*, Caprylic Capryc Trigliceride, Burro di Cacao*, Polygonum Cuspidatum, Glicerina Vegetale, Alcol Cetearilico, Insaponificabili dell’olio di oliva, Stearina Vegetale, Vitamina E Acetato, Gomma Xantana, Etilesilglicerina, Fenossietanolo, Acido Deidroacetico, Sodio Fitato, Profumo.

* da agricoltura biologica


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