Mountain Pine (Pinus Mugo) Essential Oil


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This unique balsamic Mountain Pine (Pinus Mugo) essential oil has been extracted from a protected alpine pine species.


The quality of the balsamic essential oil offers an antiseptic, antiviral and antimicrobial action, mucolytic and expectorant. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic, to relieve muscle pain. 

Usage and tips:

• The most common method of use is in a diffuser, thanks to the very particular and sought-after scent: fresh but resinous. It purifies the air and helps facilitate the respiratory processes.

• To relieve dry coughs add a couple of drops to about 2 litres of boiling water and breathe deeply.

• It can also be used for those who participate in sports: add a few drops to a base of vegetable oil for massages; it has a heating and analgesic effect (it is recommended that you do not exceed the dosage recommended as it can cause skin irritation or make the skin too sensitive).

• Given the concentration and strength of its active ingredients, the use on children should be avoided.


The Pino Mugo is the only conifer resistant to the extreme climate of the alpine areas and can be found between 1200 and 2700 meters.

Native pine oil from Atelier Nativa comes from carefully selected areas and is 100% manually cultivated. This cultivation has been authorized by the Veneto region governing forest body at 2000 meters on Mount Toraro (VI) and on the Asiago plateau (VI) and implemented by a local company. We have chosen this local company as a partner for its ethical and responsible practices, which help to maintain the balance of the ecosystem of the Pre-Alps and the small Vicenza Dolomites.


A few hours after cutting, the needles and small twigs are put into the distiller, to ensure maximum freshness and keep the intense resinous perfume intact.

To get the oil that you find in the bottle it requires about 10kg of fresh branches.


You can find the essential oil of Pino Mugo in the Balsamic Alpine ointment, in the Alpine pine soap, and in the Alpine Balsam scrub based on sea salt and whole cane sugar.

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Boccetta di vetro da 10mL


Olio Essenziale di Pino Mugo da raccolta spontanea, limonene*
*Naturalmente presente nell’ olio essenziale.


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