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This all natural brush is a product designed for professional users, but the dry brush technique can be easily and with great satisfaction learned by everybody.

The dry brushing  is an ancient massage technique used since Greek ages, but well known also in Indian, Scandinavian, and Japanese and Chinese cultures.


It’s overall benefits start from gently stimulating nervous terminal of skin activating a revitalizing and stimulating beneficial global processes.

Better spirit and mental levels are reached after each massage, since significantly lower levels of stress are reached.

Moreover, acting on skin, you’re able to activates the lymphatic and endocrine systems.

It has be shown to particular efficient in reducing hydric retention and contributes to reduce the sign of cellulite.

A regular use of the dry massage brush can also, as a consequence of the activation process of lymphatic and endocrine system, affect on immune system strength and on internal organs good working (especially excretory organs).

How to use it

Gently start your massage from the bottom to top and from peripheral zones towards the center (heart). You should feel no pain, but a comfortable feeling of warming while brushing your skin without the use of any oil or lotion. Particularly insist on zone you know you have some special hydric retention or on which you desire the greater result (i.e. ankle or glutes), but remember it is a total body global massage.

After the massage take a relaxing shower and blot your skin with a towel letting it a bit humid if you want to apply a vegetable oil. It enhances its ability to absorb faster any oily treatment if you plan to finish with your preferred vegetable oil personalized with your essential oil mix.

Alternatively you can complete this beneficial routine by applying on your body the Mauve and Marygold Body Lotion.

How long does it take?

The quickest massage should take no more than 5 minutes, but of course the longer the most effective it becomes.

Normally you can brush for eliminating your dead epithelial superficial cells and you don’t need to do that more than one per week.

Don’t forget that after the dry brush it’s strongly recommended to take a shower to eliminates exfoliated dead cells and to have a smooth and glowing skin.

Is there a preferred moment in the day?

Yes, when you can have a total relax moment for you: brush, shower, rest is the perfect recipe.

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natural beech wood handle and cactus fibers


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