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Atelier Nativa balsamic ointment is an effective help in relieving the respiratory tract thanks to the effects of the 100% natural balsamic essential oils. It is even easy to apply.

The synergy of the essential oils and the pleasant and refreshing non-camphorated perfume make this ointment a perfect product to apply during the colder seasons.


To breath easier, free your nose and generally calm a bothersome throat, you can put it on your chest, back and under the soles of your feet: the quick absorption takes the components of the essential oils straight to the lungs where the balsamic essential oils can take effect.

It can be used on children from 2 years of age. We recommend, as a precaution, to apply the ointment to the inside of the arm, inside of the wrist, or on the angles of the collarbone for the best results.

For more information on the alpine pine, the cultivation and extraction process please visit the alpin pine essential oils page.

The product does not contain synthetic preservatives.

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Vasetto di vetro da 30mL


Olio extravergine di Oliva, Cera d’api, Olio Essenziale di Pino Mugo, Olio Essenziale di Eucalipto, Olio essenziale di Pino Silvestre, Tocoferoli, limonene*

*naturalmente presente negli olii essenziali


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