We are a studio, a small independent laboratory.

We are guided by research, creativity, and a strong need for sustainability in a totally artisanal way. The products are of the highest quality and great care has gone into ensuring they will nourish even the most demanding or delicate skins.

Atelier Nativa is a bond between the highest quality craftsmanship and raw materials. The materials are sourced from the beautiful Dolomites and the rich and fertile hills below.

Atelier Nativa cosmetics are unique:

  • The face cream line is very light, fluid and refreshing. Almost like the fresh air you breathe when going up the Dolomites. The face creams are especially suitable for skins that struggle to adapt to traditional products already on the market. The light cream allows the skin to breathe freely.
  • The serums are drops of pure concentrates of active ingredients: they remind you of melting snow in spring, a promise of vitality and new beginnings.
  • The body range offers sublime full-bodied butters with a creamy texture when applied, guaranteeing long and lasting comfort even in the driest areas.
  • Soft and protected lips with simple but essential lip balm for all life may throw at you: tested and approved even by winter sports lovers.
  • Body and face scrub with many personalities: choose the one that best represents you.
  • Fragrances of meadows, sun and freshly cut grass form the marigold and malva cream.
  • The velvety touch of protected hands and the sweet scent of honey or the rich and fruity note of the pomegranate.
  • The wonderful traditional ointments.
  • The incomparable sensation of holding soap made entirely by hand and only with essential oils: a memory of the past or a new luxury on the skin?
  • The pure essences of the distillates of plants and fruits, concentrated in precious and useful essential oils produces the warmth, elegance and durability of the totally natural and organic materials of our bathing accessories.

Who we are

Being a small organization means relying on selected collaborations with various professionals, each trained and highly specialized in their specific sector: a blend of professionalism that, depending on the projects, take technical or more artistic folds.

Sara Scolaro, chemist and owner of the laboratory: “The diverse group of professionals I work with have similar values and characteristics. A great amount of teamwork is put in, but in the end it is like working with friends. This certainly helps to create a harmonious environment in which I am proud to be able to bring even my experiences and professionalism to”.

Farmers, dermatologists, graphic designers, microbiologists, communication experts, typographers, sales people, mechanics, trainers, accountants, seamstresses, beauty and wellness centres, event organizers, illustrators, there is truly a world of passionate professionals who make our organisation a reality.

All begins by choosing wigh quality ingredients
and develops in a totally artisanal work (here the soapbar stamping before the "curing" phase)

Our mission: take care of the skin while taking care of the environment.

In the design phase we choose ingredients rich in active ingredients and proven effectiveness. The formulas, without SLOL, SLES, silicones, or synthetic surfactants, are designed to be kind on the skin, effective and fully reflect our philosophy of sustainable cosmetics.

Atelier Nativa products are formulated to take into account the needs of the most delicate skins, such as sensitive and children’s skin. This is why many products are completely free of preservatives and two lines have been designed: one entirely natural with essential oils and the other with allergen-free fragrances.

For the production we select, without compromise, raw materials as natural as possible, fresh, and with a strong character of territoriality and solidarity. We have therefore decided to support projects with a strong social connotation by purchasing medicinal plants from social farms and small local producers. This guarantees, besides the supportive aspect, an exceptional freshness and quality of the raw material we use in our products.

Another project to support territoriality and which we support by developing ad hoc products is the selective cutting of mountain pine. Under the supervision of the Regional Forestry Corps this action is aimed at maintaining the balance in the Alpine ecosystem following the abandonment of the pastures. From this we have been able to create products with truly unique characteristics that contain the unmistakable scent of our Little Dolomites. To learn more click here.

We value craftsmanship, the “know-how” with our own hands, the shaping of matter and transforming it. In the need to recover a profound contact between what we are and what we do, we have chosen to carry out our work entirely by hand, without any automation and respecting the maturation times of products and also of human labour. The reconciliation between work and family are other pillars of our philosophy of sustainability.

Our Vision: growth and continuous training- the search for “beautiful and good”

By our nature, being a company based on research and development, we can only continue to explore new possibilities to define the raw materials of our territory in cosmetics. We are sure that nature has a lot to offer and there are still many aspects that are neglected or not sufficiently detailed. Collaborations with other companies and the emergence of new customer needs will guide us in a process of continuous growth and depth.

At the same time we feel the urgent search for beauty can be found in harmony, simplicity and essentiality. The opposite apparently of what one would expect from a company in the beauty sector.

The possibility of seeing beauty from a different angle turns on the dynamics of inclusion and acceptance that would otherwise be lost if you only rely on the comparison with the standard canons. This research is also reflected in our design, packaging and graphics: a touch of colour, graphic and geometric patterns combined with simple, functional containers and sometimes with a slightly vintage tone. Even in our laboratory, for those who wish to visit it, the same themes are repeated both in the choice of the location, in the furnishings, in the combinations of styles, materials and repurposed objects.

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