Are you a Company?

If you are fascinated by the unique simplicity and style choices that are the basis of Atelier Nativa’s sustainable products and cosmetics, you can become a distributor or retailer by filling out the form below.  You will be contacted directly in order to better understand your needs and offer favourable commercial deals. 


Our laboratory assists companies in the creation and development of their own dedicated lines:

  • If you have a beauty or wellness centre and want to stand out from the competition with a personalised cosmetics line that only you have and you can decide your profit margin.
  • If you have an organic perfumery, an herbalist’s shop, a cosmetics corner in your concept store and want to retain your customers by putting your brand on products already tested on the market.
  • If you have a farm and want to turn your raw materials into high value-added products that speak about you and your values.

How does it work?

In any tailor-made company, the customer’s “requirements” are considered ranging from the needs and objectives to the raw materials and packaging. Next samples are taken, textures are evaluated, fragrances are chosen and the prototypes are tested on selected customers.

Accompanied by experienced professionals you can create your brand, your logo, or simply create a graphic packaging line of your choice. After the evaluation and testing of the prototypes, small batches of the product can be produced. The delivery of the final product is accompanied by advice and a draft of the necessary documentation and authorization to market your products. Creating your own line of products can be an extremely exciting and successful experience: who knows what you want better than yourself? 

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