Why choose a propolis lip balm?

Propolis and tea tree are two natural ingredients with powerful antiseptic and antiviral agents.

Did you know that cold sores are like the chicken pox?

Once the chicken pox has been contracted, the virus is trapped in our DNA and remains there, it then manifests during times of great stress, lowering our immune system (typically during the change of seasons) or even during our menstrual cycle.

But even exposure to the sun can help its appearance!

This is why we have researched and come up with a completely organic and natural aid that if used from the first signs of tingling, often inhibits the onset of annoying crusts or even speeds up the disappearance of the cold sore while maintaining soft and protected lips.

Our lip balm made from propolis and tea tree could become one of your BEST FRIENDS, as it is a great help all year round.


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